About 38,000 designers are produced every year in South Korea, ranking the second highest rate in the world after the U.S. Seoul is also the sixth most densely populated city in the world, allowing numerous Korean designers to operate the city. As probably expected from the image of Seoul, there are countless designs produced and they influence and receive from all of the elements that make up Seoul. This leads to constant changes and mutual growth to shape the city of Seoul in a beneficial way.

PIECE OF SEOUL (POS) is an online pop-up fair aimed to raise interest in 'K-Design' based in Seoul and to promote its excellence, industrial and cultural values to the world. We aim to create a new type of market where you can access Korean products with exceptional design and quality at affordable prices, and to introduce the most up to date contemporary Korean design trends to further build an amicable business relationship. As Seoul evolves, we will continue to introduce new designs of Seoul.


If you have any questions regarding the event, please feel free to contact us.

E-mail : pieceofseoul@gmail.com

E-mail : manager_k@mobile-island.com

Phone : +82 0507-1306-4650

Brand Identity Design

Piece of Seoul's brand identity begins with the integrated value of an individual and the society. The individual who constitutes a society constantly expands it through exploration, and the value of the individual forms and becomes a source of a social change. Similar to this, POS brand identity is designed with the motif of "change" of design in Seoul.

Hosting: Moa Inc. 

Planning: POS Planning Team 

Art Directions & Brand Design: Moojin Kim 

Contents Directions: Da Ye Kwon (NYC representative)

Website registration: Daegwan Kim

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